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Monday, July 18, 2011

Done With The Laser Surgery

I had my last laser surgery last week and even though I knew what to expect, the shots to administer the anesthesia still were the most painful of all. The rest was a piece of cake and done in about an hour.

So far, I am not having any pain or problems and according to the Periodontist, the right side, which was done two weeks earlier, looked really good. I have to go back for another check up in about a week and there are three more weeks left as far as the soft diet is concerned.

It is not easy finding a good periodontist, because there are not that many around in our area. I was glad and grateful the dentist gave me a referral otherwise we would have ended up going to one in another city. You can imagine the inconvenience and time which would have been involved in that!

In case you are looking for the Best Dentist, you don't really have to go through great length finding one; it is most likely there are some good sites pertaining to your local area with a list of every dental care profession you may need.

It is worth checking in to; some dentists offer coupons for new patients. A penny saved is a penny earned and that will probably entice a bright smile showing, off your pearly whites!


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