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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Arthritis Pain Alleviation

Before I got on my current Rheumatoid Arthritis medication, I used to resort to Ibuprofen which I would take every evening in order to be able to sleep without too much pain. On bad days, I would take several pills more then once and I was not really happy with that, because I knew eventually it could and probably would mess up my stomach.

When the situation would get worse and my joints were swollen due to inflammation, I would find some relief by applying icepacks on the affected areas, but those are not always available and I would reach for more pain pills to keep functioning and make it through the day.

I suspect that there are many of you who find themselves in a similar situation. Nowadays, there are many more options, but not everyone tolerates those new Arthritis medications and it may even so turn out that it doesn't work for you or you simply can't afford it, because your health insurance doesn't cover the costs.

If one of these is the case then don't give up and keep on looking. Like I already mentioned, there are more choices when it comes to arthritis pain relief and you may not yet have found an affordable solution which works well for you. It is often a matter of trial and error and it can take a while before you come across it.

It is more then worth your time though, scouring through all the available medications and finding an effective way to ease the pain. Living in pain day in, day out is not something you have get used to, as one of my previous doctors told me; that is like voluntarily subjecting yourself to unnecessary suffering.

My recommendation is to keep your eyes peeled and try any or all available arthritis pain relief forms, methods and medications. At one point or another, you are bound to find your alleviation!


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