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Friday, November 04, 2011

In The Spot Light

I am always on the look out for new medications and/or methods to cure a disease or condition and this time I came across something I had never seen and heard of before and I had to share this.

It is an innovating Acne Removal System which doesn't require any expensive creams or entire line of products; it is a small device which makes use of blue LED light to clear up this skin condition and shows improvement within 24 hours.

It so occurs that the blue LED light destroys the bacteria which are the cause of the acne and along with the sonic vibration and slightly warming up of the skin the Tanda Acne Removal System improves the appearance of the complexion quickly and effectively.

This prompted my question if there was a different color included in this LED light technology which would have other benefits and low and behold; there is. It came to light that where blue LED light is very efficient as an Acne Removal System, red LED light is an excellent means in the battle against the signs of getting older like wrinkles and other skin related consequences.

I am always baffled by all this new technology, but it is good to know that this product makes light work of the conditions that could mar our looks!


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