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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

'Plan A' to Cover Part D

I am always blown away when I find out how much a lot of the medications we have to use really cost. It is outrageous and I am grateful we have good health insurance which covers most of those expenses.

It still leaves us with a pretty decent out of pocket amount which we have to pay each month. So far, that has turned out to be doable, but I can imagine many people are just not able to afford the drugs they need.

You may be covered through your employer, but once you retire it is a whole different ball-game; not all of your medications may be paid by Medicare and/or the coverage could be a lot less then what you were used to.

It is advisable to look into medicare part d before that happens and have a plan ready how and where to get the oh so needed coverage. You are not restricted to a plan from Medicare, but also have the option to take out an HMO or PPO plan which would include coverage for medications.

Don't wait until the last moment; make sure you have 'plan A' in place to cover part D!


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