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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Viruses Wreak Havoc

Uh oh, just when we think we are in the clear, other viruses pop up and threaten our health. There is a new corona virus and a new bird flu strain (H7N9) going around. At present, it is mainly wreaking havoc in the Middle East and China, but the first already made it to France and both will probably spread quickly throughout the rest of the world.

The corona virus is a respiratory infection and so far only those who came in close contact with the victim were infected. It is not quite certain yet how the new bird flu is spread, because not much poultry has been tested positive or got sick. It appears to be silent but deadly; 31 people have already died from it.

The recommendations are not to travel to the above mentioned areas and to disinfect the hands regularly either by washing with water and soap or by using hand-sanitizer. Since there is so little known about how they are spread, the severe disease they can cause, and no cure has been found yet, you would do well to heed the warnings.

Words galore are spoken trying to help take precautions and arm against danger. In many cases, those warnings and wise words fall on deaf ears and the consequences are very unpleasant, hurtful, or worse. It doesn't have to be that way; embrace God, heed His words of wisdom, follow His guidance and leadership and save your life!

Colossians 1:28
Him we preach, warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom, that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.


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