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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Web Hosting

It is pretty aggravating not being notified of comments anymore and it requires checking my dashboard on a regular basis in order not to fall behind or miss any. I may just file a complaint and see whether the issue will be resolved or not.

On the other hand the host is free and I should be grateful for the opportunity being able to use their service and have a site up and running. So far, out of all free hosts I have looked in to, it is the one with the most features and the least limits.

I would not use it to set up a business site though. There are lots of good and cheap web hosting services which would lend themselves much better for that. You can actually even find them by category, depending on your requirements and/or needs.

It is not a major chore to find the service meeting all the specifications; there are lists available with those which have the best ratings. Couple that with reviews from people sharing their experiences with that particular web host and you can't go wrong.

Even the best blog hosting services are ranked. That may be something to keep in mind, just in case.


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