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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Reaching Goals

I feel sorry for our oldest daughter. She is trying so hard to find which one is the best workout getting toned and loosing weight. Not too long ago she joined a gym and has consistently been going three days a week.

She has been loosing some weight, but not as much as she had anticipated in spite of frantically following a diet and using a calculator counting her calorie intake.

The problem I see is that she justifies over eating; if she can only have one slice of pizza then that does not mean eating the biggest slice which is almost a quarter of the whole thing.

I am not quite sure whether she had checked her body mass index. It would probably help her a lot putting things more in perspective.

Taking advantage of a body fat calculator might do the trick as well. Adjusting her goals, taking them step by step and reaching them would be an encouragement and gives more satisfaction.

I tried the online BMI calculator and it so turns out what she needs to loose is probably what I need to gain. I think I rather stick to my current weight; even that is a few pounds too much to my likings. :-)


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