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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Need For Speed

My mother in law uses the Internet frequently and wanted to switch from dial up to DSL. Upon making inquiries she was told it was not available in her area. I was shocked to hear that since she is living in our neighborhood which is definitely city area.

If I remember correctly the issue got resolved and she is on the waiting list now. I am glad for her because I can imagine how frustrating it is to have a slow connection. Neither my husband nor I would be satisfied with that because we both use the Internet for work and high speed internet access is of the utmost importance.

Even if we would eventually decide to move to the country side, we still would want a fast Internet connection. As a matter of fact, it would even be more essential then now; my husband's communication with his work would depend even more on it then at present.

It would be totally ridiculous if reliable high speed Internet would not be available in rural areas and we would constantly have to tie up the phone lines for hours in order to get where we need to be on the Internet highway. It is comforting to know we would not have to.

Neither do you!


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