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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Insuring The Future

The health of someone close to us has been declining lately. Even though he is up in his 80s and I am fully aware that this earthly life will come to an end, I don't like the thought of one day him not be around anymore.

Age does not matter; it was the same when my grandmother died and she reached the respectable age of 102. She outlived my grandfather for over 20 years and knowing him, he probably had ensured she would not have any financial worries.

He did not like taking out loans and he resented the idea of his wife and children being left in a financial bind. I am pretty sure he had a Life Insurance policy which would allow her to live comfortably and covered any costs grandma might be faced with.

Grandpa was very frugal and extremely resourceful when it came to making money. Having thirteen children, he had to be. If he could pinch a penny then he would, but if he could double it then he grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

I don't know how he did it, but he always managed to find the best deals. I suppose he did his homework by inquiring first and making decisions based on the gained knowledge. There is no doubt in my mind he compared all Life Insurance Quotes and found the best bang for his buck.

Another thing crossed my mind; we don't like thinking about our departure and keep postponing it, instead of taking care of it. We wouldn't want our children being saddled up with the costs of our burial and those are exorbitant these days.

It is already sad enough being burdened with the loss of a loved one and the last which is needed is taking on a financial one as well. A good Funeral Insurance would lift that burden and it is our responsibility to see to it.

We may not want to, but peace of mind is priceless!


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