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Friday, April 30, 2010

Preventing Alzheimer's; Myth or Truth?

I was extremely surprised yesterday when reading in the media that there was no proven way to prevent Alzheimer's. That was totally contrary to the results of the studies and researches done on all kinds of foods and supplements.

According to the NIH (National Institutes of Health), who had reviewed the science and supplements in particular, there is just not enough evidence to come to the conclusion that they can prevent or even slow down Alzheimer's Disease.

"The evidence is inadequate to conclude that any are effective," said Dr. Donald Silberberg, of the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center.

The Alzheimer's Association jumped on that by presenting the latest research which links heart disease and hypertension to an increased risk of Alzheimer's. Their positive point of view on it all is, even if Alzheimer's can not be prevented, a healthy diet will certainly decrease the chance of getting it.

"Reduction of your risk of heart disease in middle life even in late life, can help you reduce your risk of cognitive decline," said Maria Carrillo, Director of Medical and Scientific Relations, Alzheimer's Association.

Guess what? Even the experts who wiped all the options of Alzheimer's prevention of the table, agreed with that. Okay, maybe there is no 'proven way' that Alzheimer's IS prevented or slowed down, but there certainly is a good chance that it CAN be.

My suggestion would be to stick to a healthy diet, do what you know is best and needed and leave the rest in God's capable hands!

Philippians 4:19
And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.


Blogger audrey` said...

Amen! Keep our minds active and alert by blogging, facebooking etc =) Take care, Lieve Zus.

May 03, 2010 1:25 AM  
Blogger Corry said...

We keep trying! :-)


God's Grace.

May 03, 2010 8:12 AM  

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