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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back Pain, Neck Pain and Sleeping Positions

Most people will suffer or already may have suffered from back pain. According to the statistics, at least 70 to 85% of all the people will go through at least one period in their lives when back pain is bothering them. It is even the number five on the list of all the reasons why people go to see a physician.

The problem with back pain is that it is often extremely difficult to find a reason or cause for it. It can occur without being a consequence or symptom related to any serious conditions. Back pain can come and go in a short period of time, but it may very well be that it lasts for a while or even becomes chronic.

In case there is no obvious reason for the reoccurring back pain, it would be wise making inquiries for a good back pain treatment. Chiropractors and physiotherapists are at the bottom of the list; there are many options, tips and hints which can be done and tried at home without a lot or any expenses and hassle at all.

Making a change in sleeping positions for instance, can already be enough relieving back pain or getting rid of it all together.
- Side-sleepers can try pulling their legs up slightly toward the chest and position a pillow vertically between the legs.
- Back-sleepers may find relief by placing a pillow under the knees and maybe even a small, rolled towel or lumbar cushion under the lower back.
- Abdomen-sleepers can place a pillow under the pelvis and lower abdomen; this will relieve strain on your back. In addition, it may even be beneficial to sleep without a head pillow.

All of the above tips are to take away any unnecessary strain on the back by aligning the spine. However, it is best to start at the top and that is the place where the head rests: the pillow. Back pain can easily be a result of poor neck support during the night. An orthopedic pillow is a good, simple and affordable solution to any neck and back pain.

When buying an orthopedic pillow, make sure to mention in which sleeping position most of the night is spent. Sleeping mainly on the side requires a different orthopedic pillow then when slumbering through the night on the back or abdomen.

An orthopedic pillow may be a little more expensive then the one commonly bought, but living without back and neck pain is priceless!


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