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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Taking Care Of Business

Outdoor maintenance has come to a screeching halt; the heat has taken over in such a way that it is debilitating just being out in the sun. If I want to resume painting our storage building I have to do it at the crack of dawn, when it is still bearable.

I may wait till fall to finish that and start on the list of 'things to do' inside the house. Closets need cleaning out, some minor repairs here and there are in order and we talked about repainting our little office space.

That idea is very appealing to me, but it also means I have to sort through and clean out the shelves with office supplies and work related items. They are stacked with CDs, manuals and boxes full of business cards.

Even though my husband does not use the business cards very often, they need to be handy and accessible and the office is the best place to store them. It would be nice to have a designated place for them, instead of having to dig through all the clutter.

It would be of great help putting up some more shelves; there is enough space to hang several more. I think I will put that chore on the 'Honey-do' list. Grin.


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