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Monday, May 17, 2010

Step By Step

For a while now, we both are physically in an overall state of what we call the 'Blahs'; no energy, constantly tired, anxiety galore and more small ailments which go hand in hand with that.

I suspect it is a result of all having to deal with too many problems over a long period of time, but we need to break the cycle. Diet and exercise are the first steps to regaining our health and stamina.

The diet is not so much of a problem and we are doing pretty well on that. It is the exercise part that is lacking. We need to find a program which fits our schedule and it looks like the P90X program may be perfect for us.

With a workout schedule for a period of 90 days, along with a nutrition plan for burning calories, that would work well. Yeah, we both could stand to loose some pounds and since we like to get healthy fast, those 90 days would be perfect.

Some people may want to get in shape faster, now that summer is around the corner. They may benefit more by the Insanity Workout. This program is geared towards getting you in shape in as little as 60 days!

There are a lot more options and workouts though. Step by step, the Power 90 Master Series targets specific areas which may need some more attention. I don't know if we would ever get around to that.

We will take it one step at the time, but we have to make that first step and I am already getting tired just thinking about it. I know; I have to get busy!


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