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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

An Arm and A Leg

I can hardly believe we are taking all those medications, which are sitting on a part of our kitchen counter, on a daily basis and those are not even all of them. Between the two of us, we can easily fill up a tray and you can imagine those drugs eat up quite a bit of our budget.

Some of the drugs are extremely expensive and although our insurance pays a large amount of several of those medications, we still have to come up with the monthly co-pay. The latter equates in us paying in full for a few of the drugs and it made me wonder if a Canadian pharmacy would be cheaper.

I know for instance that Methotrexate only cost a few dollars in the Netherlands, but we pay at least three times the amount for it in the states. This comes straight out of our own pocket and it could well be it can be found for a lot lesser price at a Canadian internet pharmacy.

It is definitely worth looking in to, especially when you have to pay for it in full. Shopping around before buying often shows that the same item can be purchased somewhere else for a much lower price and every penny saved, is a penny earned. I wouldn't want to pay an arm and a leg for all those meds, when in Canada drugs are priced so much lower then here.

It sure raises the question how they do it, doesn't it?


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