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Monday, August 29, 2011

Quick and Easy

We had relatives from Canada over and while catching up on all that had been going on, it turned out my aunt had really been through the wringer health wise. She is doing fine now and we are extremely grateful for that.

It kind of made me wonder though if there was much difference concerning prices of medications between the canada drugs and the ones we buy in the U.S. and since inquiring minds want to know, I decided to check it out.

I searched for the medications we are using on a regular basis and compared the prices the pharmacy we obtain them from charges us to the canadian pharmacy and came to the conclusion the latter was cheaper.

It may not be a bad idea doing a comparison for the drugs you are using. There is nothing to it; finding your medication is quickly done at the canada pharmacy website and it lists both brand medications and generics on the same page.

Ordering is a piece of cake and all you have to do after that is wait until they are swiftly and safely delivered to your doorstep!


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