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Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Great Solution

It is funny at times, seeing people's reaction to something they are unfamiliar with. Some don't know what to do, keep their silence and simply stare, while others ask or even have the tendency to blow up.

I am talking about the electronic cigarette we are and have been using for over a year now. Since it looks like a real cigarette and even produces smoke, many think we are polluting the air and they are inhaling the second hand smoke.

Once we show them that it is an e cigarette, explain how it works and that the smoke it produces is nothing else but water vapor, they often become very interested. Many have family or friends who smoke and they like to tell them about this much healthier alternative.

Since the electric cigarette is nothing else then a device for delivering nicotine, just like the gum or nicotine patches do, we are no longer exposing our lungs to tar and other harmful chemicals, but still can enjoy the smoking sensation.

We are glad we found this great solution to our bad habit and so are our doctors, our loved ones and all the other people around us!


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