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Friday, September 09, 2011

The Health Of Nature

It is odd how I don't really read up on labels and product information when it pertains to every day items which I personally buy, eat and/or use. As long as they serve the purpose, it is fine with me.

I noticed this habit when our grandchildren were staying over so much and I started paying more attention to what we were feeding them and all the different kinds of baby products we needed in order to clean them up.

It was a shock becoming aware of how many chemicals and other stuff all those products contained and it made me wonder how healthy this could be and how it could affect their health in the long run. It sure made me lean more and more towards organic products which can be found galore these days.

I would expect that all those artificial ingredients would be none existent or at least a lot less in products which are presented as being the state of the art when it comes to nutrition and ingredients. That is not so and I rather sink my teeth in an all natural Protein bar then one of those heavily promoted other snacks.

No matter how you slice it; nature is still the best health provider!


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