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Friday, November 11, 2011

The Perfect Cure

Now matter how much we want to avoid it and take every possible precaution, we are bound to fall ill at one point or another in our lives. Even if it is just a common cold, chicken pocks, measles, or any other medical condition, we can not always escape it.

Some of us are more vulnerable then others, because of the lack of Antibodies in our system, or the weakening of our entire immune system. Taking vitamins and supplements may help some, but in some cases we need an extra boost.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and I can only be grateful for all the shots our children receive at a young age, increasing their Antibody production and keeping them from having to suffer through several diseases in the future.

Since researchers are constantly exploring new options and performing tests in the quest to find cures for all the illnesses which are plaguing us on a daily basis, they have to rely on a good Antibody supplier for performing and completing those studies.

I can only be thankful for all their work, but I sure hope they will soon come up with a drug which boosts the immune system of RA patients and increases our Antibody production, so we are more resilient to flare-ups and arthritis attacks.

Who knows, they may finally find the perfect cure!


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