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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Time

You may already be looking for Christmas gifts and I know from experience how difficult it can be, having to come up with presents. There is one item that never looses its value, is always welcome and appreciated; the gift of time.

Last year, we gave our oldest grandson one of those beautiful mens watches and upon his request, we ensured it resembled my watch as closely as possible. That was rather complicated, because the choice in men's watches is extensive.

He was very happy with it and always is either wearing it, or keeping it in his pocket. The latter I don't quite understand, but I suspect he observes how his mom digs up her mobile phone from her pocket or purse, in order to learn what time it is.

That is another thing I don't get; it is so much quicker and easier to look at the watch around your wrist then having to find your phone first and the intricate mechanism is not dependent on constant charging and doesn't come with a monthly bill attached to it either.

It is always better to give then to receive and a watch is timeless and personal. There is also something invaluable we can attach to it; the precious memory of the loved one who gave it!


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