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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Location, Location, Location!

While I was taking Actonel once a month to strengthen my bones, I never had to pay a single penny for it; I always asked my Rheumatologist for samples and she was more then happy to provide me with a three month supply.

It is one of the several options to save on medications, but if you can't get around having to purchase them, then look before you leap. Keep in mind that you are not entitled having to obtain them in the U.S.; Canada drugs are a lot cheaper, and that pertains to both the brand name medication and the generics.

There is no reason to spend more then you have to and with the health costs as high as they are, it is even lucrative buying over the counter drugs in our neighboring country. You don't even have to leave your home to order what you need; it is easily done online and that saves even more, considering the price of gas these days.

I sure wished the medications here were just as cheap, but unfortunately they aren't and the co-pays keep getting up and up. If I had to buy actonel then I definitely would compare the costs and have my prescription filled at the cheapest pharmacy, no matter what its location would be.

And that is what makes all the difference: location, location, location!


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