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Thursday, May 10, 2012

One Thing Less To Worry About

When I went to the hospital last week to undergo a routine procedure, one of the first things the nurse did was to hook me up to an IV. I am fully aware that is a precautionary measure and the glucose fluid was greatly appreciated and received by my hungry and thirsty body.

I noticed the capped valve which was part of the contraption and wondered what its function was, but it sure didn't take long for me to find out; it was used to insert the anesthetics into my bloodstream. I am not sure if it was used for anything else after that, because I conked out shortly after it was administered.

Those luer-activated needleless valves sure come in handy, but when not constantly kept disinfected they are a potential open door for bacteria and viruses to find their way in as well. That is why infection control is of the utmost importance, but that also means more work for the already swamped nurses.

It is a good thing that the time and work involved in that is cut short substantially by the simple application of disposable caps which provide protection against any other possible infections. At least that is one thing less we have to worry about!


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