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Thursday, February 07, 2013

On The Money

The rumors are that the economy is on the rise, but there are so many who are still struggling to make ends meet. Even though they may have succeeded in tightening their belts, at one point that belt can't be taken in any further unless a drastic move is made.

That drastic move may be to have to sell your home or have it sold out from under you. Most people may overlook the options they have though or are totally unaware of the available possibilities. It may not be a bad idea to look into a Harp Loan (Home Affordable Refinance Program) or it could well be that a VA Loan is applicable.

Seniors can opt for one of the Reverse Mortgages. As long as they are 62 years old or over and either own their abode or have less than 65% left on their mortgage, they could qualify for this type of mortgage. The idea of living in your home and getting paid for it each month, instead of having to pay, is very appealing.

Even a regular refinance may already put money in your pocket. Pre-approval and closing usually take a while, except when you go with Home Lender Depot. You are assured of the lowest interest rates, are pre-approved within 15 minutes, and close in half the time other lenders require.

With Home Lender Depot you are right on the money!


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