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Friday, November 08, 2013

The ABC's of Vitamin D

I can not stress enough to keep a watchful eye on the intake of your vitamin D3 levels. Statistics show that 40% of the U.S. population is suffering from a vitamin D deficiency. Most people are not even aware they have a lack of this useful and needed vitamin, unless it is too late.

The lack of D3 can result in all kinds of conditions such as depression, Diabetes Type I, high blood pressure, bowed limbs, chronic fatigue, tuberculosis, chronic muscle, bone or joint pain, and low calcium levels. The latter can have a devastating effect on teeth and bones.

From experience I know it takes at least three months of swallowing D3 pills in order to get these vitamin levels back to where they need to be. Taking liquid D3 elevates those levels a lot faster since it is much quicker absorbed by the body.

My rheumatologist recommended taking at least 2,000IU daily since my immune system is rather weak and Osteoporosis is setting in. The daily recommendations for adults are 600IU and 800IU for those over 70. It sure can't hurt to take more. On the contrary; your bones and immune system will be grateful.

Incorporating vitamin D rich foods is always a plus, but it will not get the job done. Supplementing may be in order and the liquid form of vitamin D3 can easily be ordered online at http://www.d3liquidvitamin.com/. Before you decide to boost your D3 levels, talk to your physician first. A phone call is as easy as ABC and in this case D too!


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