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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Controlling The Heat

Technology has come a long way, but some of the methods used at present are based on the ingenuity and discoveries which were already made several hundred years ago. There may be numerous reasons why the application of an invention hasn't come to fruition sooner, but eventually it will be put to good use.

An excellent example of one of those scientifically discoveries is induction heat treating. In the beginning of the 19th century, it was already common knowledge that passing an electrical current through a wire created a magnetic field. Michael Faraday found out that doing the exact opposite produced the same result.

They may not have understood the benefits of it back then, but this method is nowadays frequently used to harden and strengthen all kinds of metal parts and pieces. By subjecting the metal to electromagnetic induction, heat is generated which leads to a more resistant surface. This ensures the metal part will not wear out as quickly as it normally would without this application.

The question arises if other heat treatments wouldn't be adequate and/or sufficient for this hardening process. It is true that the old blacksmith method of heating the metal and cooling it down fast will yield a stronger metal object, but it takes a lot of time and precision to achieve the desired goal without altering the properties of the metal entirely.

More benefits of induction heating are that it saves energy and space. Unlike conventional furnaces, it doesn't require a long time to heat up this small, electrical device. When going to zioninduction.com you will learn that it is only a matter of 'flipping the switch' so to speak and the machine is ready for use.

It is easy to regulate the depth of the heated area and once done, cutting the power shuts it down instantaneously without it having to cool down. This very environmentally-friendly method puts the control where it belongs; in the capable hands of the user!


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