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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Safe Plastics

It is a hard life being a toaster oven, especially in our household. It is used daily and it is not an exception when its labor is required multiple times a day. That presents a lot of wear and tear to this electrical device and eventually it got its wires crossed and gave up.

Somehow the appliance could not take the heat anymore and it burned itself on the inside. A fire was prevented by pulling the plug as soon as it started smoking. We never opened it up to see what went wrong and I don't think it would have mattered; it was toast anyway.

Judging by the smell I am quite certain some plastic parts got burned. That is an indication to me that those parts were not manufactured by using a good polycarbonate which could stand up to the task. If they had been, then the fire hazard would have decreased substantially.

Polycarbonate has many uses and is applied in all kinds of different electric machines and electronics and only the combination of the perfect resins result in a product which can stand up to the heat without loosing its flexibility and durability.

That coincides with my motto: better safe then sorry!


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