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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Bankruptcy Attorneys Make The Difference

I am constantly surprised when hearing a restaurant or business no longer exists due to the fact that they filed for bankruptcy and I shouldn't be. When taking in account the current state of our economy, it is quite clear that it still is not very much in favor of entrepreneurs. The same goes for private citizens though.

There are too many families who just can't make ends meet. Before they are aware of it, their debts have accumulated to such a substantial amount where it is almost impossible to pay them off and they are haunted by debt collectors on a daily basis. When it reaches that point the only option is filing for bankruptcy.

It so turns out that the law concerning filing for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy differs per state. There are more exemptions in the state of Texas in comparison with other states and a Bankruptcy Attorney Dallas can tell you all about which assets are or aren't up for grabs so to speak.

Filing for bankruptcy is not an endeavor you should undertake by yourself. There is too much involved and the risk of overlooking something could cost you, in the literal sense of the word. When residing in Texas, the services of Lusky & Associates, P.C. are highly recommended.

It would make the difference between keeping as much of your possessions as possible and loosing it all!


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