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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

An Ideal Solution

We have become more and more health conscious over the past several decades and that is still an ongoing process. Diet and exercise are highly recommended by our physicians and many have made an effort to incorporate it in their daily routine. We sure don't have to suffer from any deficiency since vitamins and supplements are readily available over the counter.

One would think we ought to be in good shape, but all together that is not really the case. We all have our little indulgences which may undermine our physical health. Some have a sweet tooth, while others enjoy pleasing their taste buds with fatty foods. Weight-wise that will eventually come back to bite you and could result in all kinds of serious conditions.

Another thing, and high on the list of causing severe diseases, is smoking tobacco products. The nicotine in tobacco is not entirely bad for you; it prods your brain to get engaged and even opens up the airways. Yes, it is addictive, but the carcinogens in tobacco however are the main culprit for developing chronic and grave ailments.

Since smoking is an addiction, it is not easy to give up. The nicotine craving and withdrawal symptoms can quickly prod a person to fall back into the old habit of lighting up a cigarette. Been there, done that and even though there are several products on the market to relieve the symptoms and cravings such as nicotine patches and chewing gum, they don't always do the trick.

They may take care of the physical aspect, but they don't address the psychological part of smoking. Holding a cigarette in your hand and the in- and exhalation of smoke somehow seems to have a calming effect which is not achieved by the use of those products. That doesn't mean smokers are sunk; there is light at the end of the tunnel in the form of what is called an electronic cigarette.

It is also referred to as an e-cig and it not only looks like a real cigarette, but acts and feels like one as well. So, then what is the difference between an e-cigarette and the real deal? The electronic one only delivers nicotine and none of all the carcinogens a real cigarette contains. It is a lot cheaper in use and doesn't disperse second-hand smoke. Overall, it is the perfect solution for the fervent smoker.

How it works, the ideal way to switch over, all the available brands and related products, and any other questions which may arise concerning the e-cig are answered by going to Ecigsopedia. On this website you will find all the knowledge and information you need without any prejudice, advertisement, or affiliation. It is clear, concise, and to the point.

The main costs of switching over to the electronic cigarette are mostly going towards the starter kits. Those range in price depending on what you want, need, and/or require.

After that, you are much cheaper off. The e-liquid to refill your e-cigarette is very inexpensive and lasts much longer compared to the pack of regular cigarettes you would normally purchase.

Another benefit is that it is safer too since no lighter or matches are needed. I would recommend you check into it and read up on all about electronic cigarettes and vaping. Even when you already switched over to the e-cigarette it may be helpful to visit the site. You may learn a thing or two and will most certainly be completely up to date on all the options, styles, and designs.

When browsing through the site, you will notice the manufacturers of the e-cigarette have ensured to adhere to all the requirements and desires a person could have.

Even for those who like to take pleasure in smoking a cigar; they are not forgotten. Yes, they too can have their pick, because electronic cigars are also readily available.

It sure looks like they got everything covered to accommodate the smokers among us. Personally, I have used the electronic cigarette for several years now and I am more then satisfied with it. My breathing has improved substantially and the smoker's cough was gone within a week of switching over to the e-cig. After a little while I was no longer huffing, puffing, and gasping for air after the least little bit of exertion.

Some other pleasant side-effects which come with smoking an e-cig is being rid of smelly clothes and the lingering, unpleasant odor of smoke in the house. Spring cleaning is a breeze, because there are no longer any yellow stains that have to be removed. Besides all the benefits it presents to your health and wallet, it saves time too.

If you don't want to give up smoking then the electronic cigarette is the ideal and perfect solution. You ought to try it. You have nothing to loose, but a whole lot to gain. And so will your loved ones and all others around you! 


Blogger audrey` said...

Exercise? What is exercise? It's a foreign word to me. Hee! Love you, Lieve Zus! :)

August 24, 2014 6:48 AM  
Blogger Corry said...

I have incorporated that word in my vocabulary, but that is as far as I got, hahaha.

I know, I know, it is pathetic. I will eventually get around to the execution of the word. Not today though. Grin.

God's Grace.

August 25, 2014 10:07 AM  

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