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Friday, October 09, 2009


Throughout all these years of blogging we have met many new, wonderful people and were blessed being able to add many of them to our circle of friends. Several of our friends live on the other side of the world and even though the Internet is a good way of communication, I like to be able to talk to them in person from time to time. I think Phone Cards would come in very handy.

Hearing their voice is much more personal and portraits their needs better then words written on paper. A phone call is a lot cheaper with Prepaid Phone Cards from a trustworthy company with a good customer service standing by, to help you out with any problem you may encounter. Although I doubt you will since the use of these cards is very simple and easy.

I was not aware that there are no extra charges when those Calling Cards are being used on a cell phone. There is even an option to recharge or auto-recharge the cards. That last is a great feature for when you have the tendency to forget things, like me. Grin.

It just crossed my mind what a nice gift those calling cards would make. Hmmm.... Christmas is not that far away; maybe I can surprise some friends and bridge that distance as well. :-)


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