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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Little Treasures

I have been taking my calcium tablets for so long now and only the other day I noticed that the label mentioned they were made from oyster shells. I always wondered what they did with those huge heaps of oyster shells we often pass by; now I know!

I love shells and always come home with a pocket full of rare shaped or colorful ones, after taking a stroll along the beach. I either display them or use them for crafts, but I have never found a Spondylus.

No wonder, these shells are very much wanted and collected because of their beautiful colors and shapes. They are also referred to as thorny or spiny oysters and crafters love to get their hands on Spiny Oyster Beads for making jewelry.

It so turns out that these little treasures were already used 5,000 years ago for trading, as currency and offerings. Archaeological finds have shown that they were crafted in to ornaments, bracelets, bangles and belt buckles.

Due to trading, the Spondylus was spread all over the world and inspired many artists. That is still the case and if you like to work with Spiny Oyster Beads you don't have to go on a painstaking and time robbing quest to find them; nowadays, all it takes is a few keystrokes.


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