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Monday, October 18, 2010

A Finger On The Pulse

I am aware of the fact that our bodies resemble very complicated engines, so to speak. When one thing is off, it has an effect on the overall performance and well being. Take our blood oxygen level for instance; I had no clue this had such a major impact on how we are feeling and functioning and it wouldn't hurt using a pulse oximeter to keep an eye on it.

Even though this may sound like a hassle and a lot of trouble; it sure isn't. It is nothing else but a small device which you slip over your finger and within no time it gives you the readings of both your pulse and oxygen level, hence the name fingertip pulse oximeter.

Too low levels of oxygen in our blood and/or a too low heart rate can not only cause a lot of physical problems, they are also indicators of underlying medical conditions. By using a pulse oximeter we would be made aware of this while it is still in an early stage and take measures before it goes too far.

It is always good to have a finger on the pulse!


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