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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A Personal Health Record Can Be A Life Saver

I find it more and more difficult to keep up with all the medications I am taking and I can imagine, in case something would happen to me, no one really would know what I take, when or which physician to contact.

I did make a list at one point, but I usually forget to bring it with me. Besides, it is not really a Personal Health Record; just a list of medications. I should incorporate the names of my doctors and even include what medications I am allergic to.

I like the idea of a PHR which can be worn on a key chain, as a necklace, as a charm on a bracelet, or can easily be carried in my wallet. I came across one that even could hold a day's worth of all my medications. That would come in handy in case we would be out and about and not ready to go home yet.

Thanks to all our modern technology, all the necessary information can go on one tiny memory card. It does not limit itself to being solely a digital health record; it can even contain copies of all your important documents.

Carrying a PHR can save valuable time and make all the difference in a critical situation. It could turn out to be a real life saver!


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