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Monday, September 09, 2013

Preventing And Alleviating Back Pain

My work is mostly done sitting down and those of you, who have an office job which requires the same, know how hard that eventually is on your back. It is not uncommon that after an extended period of time sitting in the same position your back and or hips start acting up.

The wrong pose can cause your spine to slowly but surely come out of alignment. When pain in your lower back or pelvis sets in it is a clear indicator that the way you are spending all that time on the chair is a huge strain on the affected area. It is time to take action.

You may not be aware of it, but it doesn't take much effort or time to get hip pain relief. There is an ingenious device called the hihip on the market which diminishes the pain in hips and back and over time even corrects the damage that has already been done.

It is very simple in use; place it on your chair, take a seat, and let the alignment of your spine, relief of pressure on your pelvis, and alleviation of your lower back pain begin. When I saw the hihip, it slightly reminded me of a small booster seat.

I wasn't far off, because less pain is a boost to your morale!


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