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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Some Simple Steps To Relief Stress

I always enjoy practicing arts and crafts. Those activities are relaxing to me and I was quite surprised when our oldest daughter mentioned that doing crafts increased her stress level. I suppose what relieves stress for one doesn't necessarily mean it works for another.

Many studies have been conducted as to what would work for the majority of the people when stress takes the upper hand. I came across a few solutions which are said to work. I suppose it doesn't hurt to try when we feel the weight of the world is upon our shoulders.

One of the recommendations was to try and laugh out loud more often. It releases good endorphins and is therefore great for taking away tension. There may not always be something to laugh about, in which case eating an orange would do just as well; the vitamin C in this fruit lowers your blood pressure and has a calming effect.

Rubbing on some rose or ylang-ylang oil leads to the same results according to studies, but you could also take it outside. A five-minute walk while soaking up some fresh air already boosts the mood and spending about an hour in the outdoors improves memory and keeps you focused longer and better. You don't even have to be active; just sit down and enjoy Mother Nature.

It may not always be possible to go outside, but it is always possible to walk away from stress and tension, and you should. Simply walking into another room has been proven to divert your mind. It is like pushing a reset button in your brain.

Another proven method is taking a few deep breaths, saying a prayer, and reminding ourselves that we are not alone and nothing will happen outside of God's permissive will. That in itself already is a huge comfort and relief!

Psalm 107:29
He calms the storm, So that its waves are still.


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