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Friday, October 11, 2013

A Cool Roof Beats The Heat

We are so relieved and grateful for the cooler weather and are looking forward to the temperatures dropping down even more. This last summer was rather brutal; even our air conditioning couldn't keep up with the heat the sun generated. The temperature inside soared and resulted in us being miserable.

We were thinking about insulating the attic. That way the heat wouldn't have access to the rest of the house so quickly and easily when the sun is burning down on our roof. What I wasn't aware of is that commercial roofing contractors have a great solution at hand which solves the entire problem. It is called a 'cool roof'.

This environmentally friendly solution is a great way of keeping the monthly power bill and inside temperature down to a minimum. It is all done by simply choosing which type of roof is desired for new subdivisions or commercial buildings and professional advice as to which cool roof would be best is readily available.

I wish we had that choice, but momentarily it is still only open to building owners, architects, and engineers. I don't expect it will be long before home-owners get access to this innovating energy-saving option. I for one would be elated to beat the heat with a cool roof over my head!


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