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Friday, September 05, 2014

Immune Complex Disease

I suppose we all have heard about auto immune diseases and what that could mean for your physical wellbeing when you end up with one. RA for example is an auto immune disease, but there are many others.

Were you aware of what Immune Complex Diseases are? I wasn't. Well, when antigens and antibodies form clusters and are not removed from the bloodstream, but keep circulating, they can get stuck in body tissue and wreak havoc.

They can instigate inflammations, auto immune diseases, and tissue damage. Immune complex diseases reveal themselves through tissue damage and tissue, blood vessel, nerve, and/or kidney inflammations. These are the most common symptoms and the treatment totally depends on what kind of condition you end up with.

I would give you a list of all possible health issues and treatments, but I think that would be rather discouraging seeing how long it would turn out to be. I rather find encouragement in the fact that for many of them there are cures or treatments available to ease pain and symptoms.

I wish I could give you some more information on this condition, but it is rather complex as the name already indicates. Although we may never have heard of something and may not even know what it is, we can get it.

On the other hand; we all know what faith is. Let's ensure we have it in and give it to God!

Proverbs 2:8
for he guards the course of the just and protects the way of his faithful ones.


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